Modern Psychology - Ancient Wisdom

Central Psych Charlotte is “central” to the city, located in the historic Elizabeth neighborhood, just one mile from uptown Charlotte. More importantly, in psychotherapy, we address what is most central to the individual. That is, the issues that are most personal, essential and of utmost significance. Many initially pursue therapy to address issues such as relationship problems, feelings of depression, anxiety and stress, etc. As we address these issues, other themes often organically emerge, such as understanding the connection between past experiences and current distressing emotions or behavioral patterns. Over time, one may become aware of an increased capacity to experience gratitude and contentment. Discovering and living into more meaningful work and relationships may be other outcomes. The clinicians at Central Psych Charlotte practice from a depth psychology model. Rather than attempting to merely find solutions to current problems, insight-oriented therapy increases self-awareness, addresses the whole person, and is ultimately aimed at developing inner capacities that allow one to live more freely, authentically and joyfully.

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