Dr. Kelly Breen Boyce, Psy.D.

Dr. Kelly Breen Boyce, Psy.D.

How I Help

Psychodynamic and psychoanalytic theories offer a comprehensive understanding of human nature. As opposed to other models that try to solve a particular problem or target symptoms, psychoanalysis gets to the heart of the matter. I provide therapy that addresses the whole person, helping the individual to develop inner capacities that can improve relationships as well as foster a richer, more meaningful life.

My Specialties

Complex Relationships

Relationships are central to life. We are formed by early experiences with our parents/ caregivers and these relationships create powerful templates that continue to shape how we view and experience ourselves and the world.

Relationships can be both sources of great joy as well as frustration and even suffering. Psychotherapy can facilitate deeper understanding of one’s and others motivations, helping one to better navigate complex relational dynamics.

Couple’s Counseling

I provide one and a half hour sessions for couples (research suggests that longer, more intensive sessions are more effective than briefer sessions), helping them to work through conflict in a way that builds trust, connection and intimacy. I am particularly interested in helping men address vocational, self-esteem, and relational issues, in addition to helping them more fully understand and process their emotions related to anger.


Having taught at a seminary since 2007, I have a unique interest in the intersection of faith and psychology. Spiritual issues can be addressed both for those who have an interest in deepening their relationship with God as well as those wrestling with theological questions and doubt.

A candidate at the Psychoanalytic Center of the Carolinas in Chapel Hill, I have a deep appreciation of the complexities of the mind as well as the impact of early experiences and relationships. In addition to being a licensed psychologist, I am also an LPCS and an AAMFT approved supervisor, wherein I provide psychodynamic supervision. I also conduct psychological and educational assessments and evaluations for adoptions and immigration.


  • Mecklenburg Psychological Association
  • Psychoanalytic Center Of The Carolinas