Heather Durham, MA, LCMHCA

Heather Durham, MA, LCMHCA

My aim is to create an environment marked by authenticity and acceptance, where clients feel freedom to be honest, come as they are, and explore whatever struggles they may be facing. In the context of a meaningful therapeutic relationship, clients can come to a greater understanding of self, work through relational difficulties, traumatic life events, and ongoing sources of stress.

My theoretical approach is rooted in Psychodynamic Therapy, which tends to be insight-oriented, and seeks to help clients better understand why they do what they do, rather than just modifying the behavior. When we can better understand the motivations and desires that influence us, we can begin to cultivate healthier ways of responding to them. I specialize in helping clients navigate challenges such as anxiety, self-esteem issues, career exploration, and life transition.

Anxiety and Trauma

Anxiety can be a very real part of life and can manifest in a variety of ways. By integrating behavioral techniques and coping strategies within a larger context of self-discovery, I help individuals learn to manage anxiety, practice self-care, and move toward a greater sense of peace and self-acceptance. One component of anxiety is trauma. My goal is to foster an atmosphere of safety and trust where you can explore some of the past trauma that may be affecting your present relationships and experience of life, with the goal of moving toward greater freedom and healing.

Career Counseling

I have a particular interest in working with clients facing vocational or job-related issues such as stress in the workplace, job dissatisfaction, or interpersonal conflict. I enjoy helping individuals deepen their awareness of strengths or untapped interest areas with the ultimate goal of enhancing enjoyment and productivity within the vocational space.


The focus of my work with couples is on building and restoring healthy communication and connection. My approach draws from the Gottman Method as well as Emotionally Focused Therapy. I am also a certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator and enjoy providing premarital counseling to newly engaged couples, as well as married couples who are wanting to strengthen their relationship.