Ria Crissinger, MA, LCMHCA

Ria Crissinger, MA, LCMHCA

I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate and a graduate of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health.

I approach counseling with compassion and curiosity, with the goal of offering space for others to work through difficult emotions and experiences. I encourage those I work with to show the same curiosity and compassion toward themselves as I know this work can be challenging at times, but also exceptionally rewarding.

I primarily utilize psychodynamic techniques. This type of therapy is targeted toward helping people understand how their unique history affects their present lives and relationships. Through this insight individuals can find healing, become more equipped to make the lasting changes they want to see in their life, and grow more fully into their true self. With these goals in mind, I may incorporate Internal Family Systems (IFS) into therapy.

My experience includes work with anxiety, depression, grief, personality concerns, relational difficulties, and trauma. I have a particular interest in helping others work through what can be referred to as spiritual trauma. This can sometimes result from hurtful experiences within a faith-based organization. These experiences can feel confusing, and even devastating, as they may affect mental, spiritual, and social well being. My goal in working with these individuals is to offer a place to process these effects and find more peace within their faith journey if desired.

I also enjoy partnering with couples in reconnecting and strengthening their relationship. I appreciate both the great joy and deep distress that can come over the duration of a committed relationship. I incorporate the Gottman Method in couples counseling and Prepare and Enrich curriculum in premarital work.